Studio photography

I had recently been commissioned to photograph Bristol's screen printing cooperative, Snap studio. They are currently redesigning their website and this was an opportunity to provide new and up-to-date imagery while capturing the character and essence of this creative space.

Fancy that...

The 'Pop up shop' private view is soon upon us and I managed to hand print four designs that will go on sale during the five day event run by the Poundshop team.

The designs are four post cards printed onto recycled and found card. Each card can be sent and poses something to do - fancy a night out or takeout for example. Why not turn up at the event, buy one and get something started!

Squabble of Seagulls

A Squabble is one noun given to a group of seagulls and is the latest in my range of self-adhesive vinyl declas.

They are very striking, expertly cut from gloss, mirror silver vinyl. Try applying them to an interior window so they will be seen against a bright blue sky!



Spring clean

Just ready for the spring are two new additions to my family of Tree towels. They are available now in two single, bright new colours, lime green and purple.

They should compliment any kitchen and will make that perfect easter gift!

Featured Seller at Bouf.com

I have kindly been made Featured Seller by the team at Bouf.com. This means a blog spot in their newsletter that reaches 80,000 subscribers. It's been an active period with the online boutique since joining them in September 2009.

Most of my products are marketed on their site along with many more contemporary designers.

Project Poundshop

A new project called The Poundshop is a 'pop up shop' that will be open for five days scheduled for 1st - 5th April in the nice London location that is Hoxton Street.

The Poundshop team have approved a recycled, budget design of mine that will sell for a pound. A series of 'Post cards' or card that was formally part of a cardboard box or hard backed envelope etc will be hand printed with a series of one off illustrations for the event.



'Blackwood' Tree prints

I have created a new range of 6 black tree, giclee prints entitled 'Blackwood'. They feature the more abstract and seasonal subjects that took me from the Somerset Levels to the edge of woods in Dorset.

'Winter Thicket' and 'Ravens Seat are just two names attributed to these series of images that have a bleak and haunting beauty. Black helps emphasise the silhouettes so well.

Colour varieties are planned and several titles are available as large screen prints and in all digital A sizes as an edition of 50. A4 prints are £40.00.

Quiche, cake and art

The Good Earth in Wells, Somerset invited me to hang sixteen framed editions of my Tree print series at the end of last month.

It is a seductive veggie and vegan enclave at the heart of me favourite county, as well as being a chilled out antidote to the stress of modern living with its relaxed café, and adjoining food store and interiors shop.

The show is due to last on into the middle of the year.

'Love Birds' private view

The pink champagne flowed and love was in the air at the successful private viewing of 'Love Birds' valenetine print show at Snap Studio, Bristol.

All eight resident artists had printed and contributed work on the single theme to the show which lasts until early May. My showcase as guest artist was given space on the shop floor and all worked very well together.