NYC from the HIP...stamatic

Hipstamatic is a retro camera app was a very versatile tool when it came to shooting the real New York. It works well in low light and gives up raw, saturated and true results. Choose from a selection of lenses and films.


A few shots from the Big Apple, for some more check out my Flickr pages.

Pretty party game

Another charity shop find, but this time back in Blighty, Bristol. PIT is apparently the world's liveliest party game, but I just like the packaging.

To Converse

Converse on Broadway in Soho, NYC has just started to provide a bespoke service for their customers. Not only can you select artwork from an ipad which will be applied to your chosen sneeker by a resident artist, you can also select a pair of limited edition laces that are cut and topped on site.

Letterpress to DIE for

Picked up a box of six exquisite letter pressed note cards depicting various whales. Designed by Enormous Champion of Brooklyn and sold at Cursive, Grand Central Station Terminal, NYC.

Around the Block

Flea markets are part of everyday New York life. I spent one Sunday tracking down a few of the more well known gems. One cracker worth a rummage is 'The Garage' at 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, Weekends 9am to 5pm.

I bought these bright vintage toy building blocks. Some have numbers and others illustrate objects...happy rummaging.

Button Up!

I had the chance to go state side last month and visit NYC. I picked up a few pieces on my trips about the City, one of them being these tidy little gifts - badges depicting the New York City subway sign system, featuring Helvetica letter and numbers, designed by the late great Bob Noorda.