I've always thought that a butterfly entering a room is like being visited by a spirit or lost soul. It's a good feeling so bear with me and always try and let one escape if it happens to you. Peacocks are emerging right now in houses and gardens as they are one of Britain's few species that hibernates over the winter.


I wanted to print a few favourite colour combinations and so used my new Peacock design for this. Both A3 limited edition prints have been printed onto Fabriano 5 Smooth paper. Peacock Pink is printed in a dusty pink and bright cyan whereas Peacock Green, top, displays a bright sage green and deep red. Both are available at my online shop.



Red Admiral is the second design from my Wings series of British Butterflies to show itself. A two colour, limited edition screen print available from my online shop. An A4 edition will follow.



These are a few more designs that complete the series of carousel horse designs that will feature as screen prints at our joint show 'Summertime' opening on July 4th 2014 at Unlimited in Brighton. 



This painted lady is a carousel horse, and to add a flying carousel horse but without it's carousel. It's also an early visual for a joint show on July 4th alongside my partner Lucie Sheridan at Unlimited in Brighton. We haven't yet decided a title but it will be connected to the seaside, by the seaside, details to follow.


Peacock is the first from my Wings series of six designs to emerge as a hand pulled screen print. It has been printed onto a white high grade paper Fabriano 5 Smooth. It is a two colour limited edition screen print and is available now.



'Crystal set' is a colourful and expertly printed digital print, featuring all six of my crystal deigns. It is available in A4 and A3 sizes. The smooth white paper has trimmed edge and each format is a limited, signed edition of 100.


I came across the site Book Worship while researching for new designs based on a carousel horse. The site represents the obsessions of the book collector and it's virtual shelves are filled with a mixed graphic bag of examples from the 50s to the 70s. Featured above is an abstract horse by George Giusti from 1962 which is true eye candy.


Brown Bear, Ice Bear is the latest addition to my Creature Comfort range of cushions. The design is double sided to choose from either a Brown Bear Grrrrrrrrr or an Ice Bear Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.