Winter is next and I'll be finishing off a series of four Christmas cards for 2014 featuring scenes from Winterland. Both the Winter Moon and Sun will be printed as a silver and gold foil respectively and the rest of the scene will be hand screen printed in a second colour including mountains, forest, a town and icebergs. The designs will be adapted for A4 prints also with a few more colours.


Zoorama is work in progress, but will consist of a series of fun size and affordable prints featuring the more interesting, colourful and decorative species from the animal kingdom. Tortoise, lizard, crocodile and snake will be first on the ark and I will update you when they are available.



'Night Owl' is an exclusive print for Nook Shop, London as part of the the London Design Festival 13-21 September 2014. On Twitter Nook Shop said 'Tweet Twoo' so I guess on here it would be...nothing connected worth trying actually. Try and make a visit to all that is LDF it should be design heaven fun.