My ABC...

Overdue, but almost there - here is a preview of three new designs that form the start of my Animalphabet range. Initially they will be small format prints and then perhaps cards, wrapping paper and maybe mugs.

Chutneys and tipples

My girlfriend Lucie and I, have been busy in the kitchen during this lead up to Christmas. We decided to supplement socks and chocolates with home made preserves - tomato and apple chutneys and a blackberry brandy tipple. The crafted hand writing is by Lucie and let the sampling commence!

Leader of the pack

I've followed up on my exclusive print 'Ice Hound' with a card to celebrate Midwinter (and to send to family and friends). A blank A6 card in three hand printed colours including a frosty silver. I still have a few left with envelopes, but I guess we've missed the last posting date, sorry.

County Fare

Two new screen prints added to My County series. 'My East Sussex' was partly created with Unlimited Editions, Brighton in mind and celebrates that iconic novel in Penguin orange and secondly 'My Lancashire' was a one off commission, and now I know that it is the home of Hornby.


Some Spanish tomatoes

Vintage puzzle

A recent trip to Frome turned up this exquisite, colourful elephant plywood puzzle by Galt Toys. I've become quite obsessed with vintage 70s objects. The style and simplicity is very inspiring, but a pity they don't take long to do.

Up the Tube

I will be participating in an exhibition called 'Pure' at the Tube Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire. It starts in January and continues until the end of March 2012. I will be exhibiting a selection of framed prints alongside other artists. The Tube Gallery has an integral cafe, bar and courtyard and showcases some really first class art, design and craft, all set in a beautiful part of the country.

Paul Smith

I have been working with Paul Smith, New York to create packaging for my foiled bird card range. They will be sold in sets of six and will be available in the Spring 2012. 'Bird Box' will contain individual sets of bright and metallic designs and maybe also on sale in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Unlimited Xmas

Unlimited Editions in Brighton are having an Xmas Open Studio/Shop which starts today the 23rd November. Doors will be open 5 days a week for four weeks. I will be among 35 contemporary designers on show and I have created an exclusive four colour screen print for the occasion and the studio entitled 'Ice Hound'.


Mshed show

Mshed is a spanking new museum located on Bristol's historic dockside that is dedicated to telling the amazing history of Bristol, through the objects and stories of the people who have made the city what it is today.

Drawn in Bristol and Mshed have given me the opportunity to exhibit some of my work with a mixture of prints and product from 5th November to 30th December. The museum is free and well worth a visit.

New fancy feathered prints

My Pigeon Fancier screen print has been reissued in mid grey and deep pink. They are a larger limited edition of 50 and measure 210mm wide by 160mm high. The paper is Fabriano smooth at 300gsm with a trimmed edge.

'Fling of Sandpipers' is a new image. It has the same spec as above but is printed in a colour associated with window putty, a sandy warm grey.


NYC from the HIP...stamatic

Hipstamatic is a retro camera app was a very versatile tool when it came to shooting the real New York. It works well in low light and gives up raw, saturated and true results. Choose from a selection of lenses and films.


A few shots from the Big Apple, for some more check out my Flickr pages.

Pretty party game

Another charity shop find, but this time back in Blighty, Bristol. PIT is apparently the world's liveliest party game, but I just like the packaging.

To Converse

Converse on Broadway in Soho, NYC has just started to provide a bespoke service for their customers. Not only can you select artwork from an ipad which will be applied to your chosen sneeker by a resident artist, you can also select a pair of limited edition laces that are cut and topped on site.

Letterpress to DIE for

Picked up a box of six exquisite letter pressed note cards depicting various whales. Designed by Enormous Champion of Brooklyn and sold at Cursive, Grand Central Station Terminal, NYC.

Around the Block

Flea markets are part of everyday New York life. I spent one Sunday tracking down a few of the more well known gems. One cracker worth a rummage is 'The Garage' at 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, Weekends 9am to 5pm.

I bought these bright vintage toy building blocks. Some have numbers and others illustrate objects...happy rummaging.

Button Up!

I had the chance to go state side last month and visit NYC. I picked up a few pieces on my trips about the City, one of them being these tidy little gifts - badges depicting the New York City subway sign system, featuring Helvetica letter and numbers, designed by the late great Bob Noorda.


Bird Box

Bird Box is a prototype design in order to hold six of my bird cards and envelopes. I have been sourcing stock and screen printed a few design options. I'm not sure whether die cutting a hole in the box is a step too far, but it's worth a trial. I'll be taking these early designs to NYC to show and tell and hopefully after that I can seriously think about production, I'll keep you posted.