All a board

eBay can throw up all sorts of fabulous items. This is a board jigsaw puzzle from the 60s featuring possibly a school bus. If anyone can let me know the designer or illustrator and game company, I would be very grateful.

Beefeater tile

This was a recent birthday gift. It is a tile designed by illustrator and artist Kenneth Townsend from his 60s London series. I feel very lucky to own one.

A bakery with bite

I'm glad I went walkabout in Lyme Regis on a rainy Monday because I came across a delicious gem. Hidden behind the main high street, The Town Mill Bakery could be the culinary discovery of the year so far!

Artisan bakers serve up generous portions of wholesome breads, cakes, savoury bites and drinks all day, in an open space, on rustic, solid wooden tables and boards, while the food is prepared all around you. They leave you to simply let them know what you had at the end of your visit and you leave with a smile. Top tip...they're own chunky and crunchy peanut butter.

Snap to it

If you don't know about Snap of Bristol by now, you should. A busy, happy, screen printing cooperative running printing work shops, creating in their work spaces and selling it all on their shop floor.

More mackerel

Crab & Mackerel supper

Just enjoyed a sunny weekend away at Beer near Lyme Bay and managed to fit in a spot of mackerel fishing aboard the Marie F and crab eating at Hix Oyster & Fish House, Lyme Regis.
Mackerel will feature on a tote and towel before the end of the year...hopefully.

Pearly people

Illustrator Lucie Sheridan got busy this Spring and printed this wonderful pair of pearly prints. Pearly Shirley and Stanley measure 28 xcm wide by 83 cm high and need a home.


Love the ink

Came across these behind the scenes photos of a Pigeon Fancier print in the making and thought I'd share...

Design Supremo

My prints are now available for sale at Design Supremo, the online art print and poster emporium showcasing modern wall art from leading international artists.


Gull prints

I know I have posted them before but now finally I have formatted some photography for my site and thought I'd include them on the blog. They're £125.00 and an edition of 20. 40cm x 60cm and two/three colour screen prints onto coloured paper.

Flea market find

Only 1 euro and all coloured pencils inside intact. A beautiful shallow pencil tin by Rowney and what a fish!

Hot terrace

Just thought you might like to see this shot of shadows cast by some decorative wrought iron furniture. I'm thinking...new subject for a print.

Designer wedding

We had the fortunate pleasure of being invited to a wedding on the Isle of Wight recently. The groom was a bright designer Aaron Rudd and he was responsible for all the expertly executed stationery, place setting etc and even a flag for a potted flower, planted into a vintage tea cup and saucer for every guest to take home!

Mr Torro

Spotted this defaced or faced bull sticker while wandering the back streets in Jalon, Spain. It looks a little like a Picasso, but surely no white van Spain man would be this creative, or could he/she?


Went East

If you haven't been to Whitstable in Kent, then I highly recommend it. Try a beer brewed by the Whitstable Brewery, had at the Whitstable Oyster Company. While you're at it, trip over to Brighton, like I did on the same day for some printed art and crash out at The Hop Poles pub where the roast dinners are the biggest I have ever seen! Just some friendly travel advice.

New Flickr account

I know I'm a bit late on the take here but I finally started loading a few sets of photography to my Flickr page. It's a stretch but well worth it, I hope you like it.

Tea time on I.O.W

I had the pleasure of tripping for the first time to the Isle of Whight for a wedding. Previously I found this vintage tea towel at a fair in Whitstable, Kent. My girlfriend and I decided to use it as wrapping for the happy couple's gift...it doesn't get more complete than that.

p.s. the I.O.W is well worth a visit - check out the crab pasties served at Wheeler's Crab Shed, Steephill Cove, Ventnor.

Toy envy

Hanging on the wall of the cafe at the Old Needlemakers, West Street, Lewes, I discovered a gem. Unfortunately the vehicles had been nailed to the backboard but it still remains a genuine finely illustrated wooden puzzle by Galt Toys from the 1960s - the people in the vehicles are behind the puzzle pieces, genius!

If anyone knows who illustrated it please let me know.

Not dried up

Just a quick plug to say that I have come into the possession of five editions of my first limited edition Tree Towel. It's stock that didn't reach the kitchen and available now. The deep olive colour has been very popular and I think I'll keep one back!

Fresh herbs

The Ethicurean owns the cafe at the Barley Wood Walled Garden, Wrington in North Somerset. I have mentioned it in a previous blog as I have exhibited work there. The homely cafe is supplied by the enchanting and restored Victorian kitchen gardens and the grounds support a thriving artist community.

The fine set up there gave me a fresh idea and I have started to create a new body of work that celebrates the herbs found at the Walled Garden, entitled 'Kitchen Garden'. These culinary heroes could feature on napkins, prints and tea towels, starting with an old favourite, Purple Basil.


It's early stages but I have been commissioned as an illustrator and designer by WWF and it's partner licensing company, The Licensing Company, London. I am a member of the World Wildlife Fund and keen to find ways to expose and spread their very important campaign messages in safeguarding the natural world. Hopefully we can create endorsed products that support the WWF on the high street and hopefully in the home.

Boneshaker extra

Because I couldn't fit them on the last post here's a few ideas that I presented to Boneshaker to suggest how we could create some merchandise including a screen print printed from high visibility ink and chain grease...if the demand is there who knows what might happen.

It's a Boneshaker

I've been following and attending the launches of a well produced magazine called Boneshaker, based in Bristol, that is a celebration of cycling and the people who do it. It's full of articles, personal stories and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles around the globe.

I was asked to contribute to the recently launched fifth issue. Four pieces of work illustrate an article written by James Bowthorpe that explores the magical union between listening to music and cycling. Buy a copy of the magazine as it's a great read.

Unlimited Editions

I was knocked out by the delicious collection of printed art and crafted designs at Unlimited Edition's open studio in Brighton several weeks ago. Truely a mouth watering portfolio dedicated to the graphic arts.

Unlimited Editions is the retail arm of the graphic design practice, Unlimited. We got to meet each other and they had kindly agreed to allow me to join them and sell my recent work on their site. There are plans to stock cards and Tree towels and new work, such as a collaborative 'My County' print for East Sussex entitled 'Brighton Rock'.

To Heal's

This month my framed Tree prints have joined the art department at Heal's on Tottenham Court Road, London. This area has seen surprising success for the famous central London department store. In the short term there maybe plans to stock stationery and potentially exclusive designs.